My name is Solomon Honey and I currently work as a Junior Draughtsman in the British Film and Television industry. In 2012, I graduated from York St. John University with a first class honours degree in Film and Television Production - as well as already having several industry credits on my CV at this point. I had set the foundations for a career in the art department. 


Growing up, my Dad has always worked in the construction industry and was forever showing me concepts and drawings from architects. I was hooked and at the end of 2012, I was focused fully on developing skills which I knew were sought after within an art department. Terry Ackland-Snow's technical drawing course at Pinewood Studios offered me the perfect opportunity as I had always liked the idea of learning how to draw. Learning the fundamentals with Terry equipped me with the basic knowledge needed to work within an art department. 


I think at the start of my career, my enthusiastic nature and my willingness to learn and grow helped me greatly. However,  4 years and 12 professional credits later, I am now a competent draughtsman, experienced in making models out of foam board or card and am proficient in SketchUp, Adobe photoshop and illustrator. I am extremely passionate about all of these skills I have been lucky enough to learn and intend to continue developing them throughout my career.


My inspiration for working in the industry stems from a passion for storytelling and design. In the near future, I aspire to work on a feature film within an art department. In specific, I want to focus on further refining my technical drawing skills, with the long term goal of draughting on a feature.